Thursday, July 20, 2017

My walk today took me over to Parkview building at Paradise Village.  I am continuing the morning Walk each day with my friend Jim Fudge, and as we were walking out of the building there, this most exotic Hydrangia blossom was waiting for us.  Jim is trying to find reasons to be glad to be living at Parkview and this flower is a perfect reason for liking the place.

After lunch I went to Balboa Park for my volunteer job.  So many people were in the park today, I had to go to the farthest lot to find a slot for my car.  Walking up to the Museum of Photographic Arts, I passed by the Japanese Tea Garden.  Wow!  We are fortunate to live in a city with such beautiful places in it.  As I looked out over the garden, a Southwest Airlines plane flew in to land at Lindberg Field.  I was reminded that the world is a small place.  I can get anywhere in the world quickly from where I live.  Later I walked slowly through the Sebastiao Salgado Photo Exhibition where I saw the South American photographer's pictures of places in Africa and South America... and the United States and Canada, and I was reminded of a saying by Salgado, "Our planet still harbors vast and remote regions where nature reigns in silent and pristine majesty."  We can get to the places where he took the photographs, but some people who go there may not see what he sees through his camera's viewfinder. Learning to see is a lifelong task.

If you live near San Diego, go to MOPA in Balboa Park to see Salgado's Photographs...

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I was walking back home from a stroll in the neighborhood this morning and I saw this little iris... I think it is an iris; and I thought it was incredibly beautiful, so I decided it should be my photo for today. Nearby there was another beautiful iris, and on a stalk nearby was another beautiful iris with a withered, finished iris on another stem.  I thought how life is like this flower garden... and that's not a sad observation, but it is important to know that beauty doesn't last... But while anything is at its peak of beauty, showing itself in the world... pay attention.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

AGAPANTHUS, or Nile Lily…  I knew I could count on someone to recognize the withered flower I sent a couple of days ago… and not just some ONE, but I got more than a dozen responses, so the name we can depend on being recognized by everybody who keeps track of such things is “AGAPANTHUS.”

And today... I have something flying in my office at home.  It's a special hummingbird flown all the way to San Diego from Cancun... with a little help from Julian, Nina, Tiffany and Eric.  Perfect addition to exotic creatures in the place where I play and work. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

I came to the end of the day and realized I hadn't taken the pictures for today, so I decided quickly that five horses in our living room would be good to include in this BLOG post.  The first one is jade that was a gift of a friend in Singapore.  The second one is of some kind of metal... we got it in Malaysia, I think.  The third one is ceramic and it came from China... The first three may have come from China originally.  The fourth one is also jade.  We got it in Singapore, but I don't know if it was carved in China or in some other place.  The last one is also carved from some kind of stone, perhaps jade.  I didn't realize until I got them together for the photographs that they are really as beautiful as they are.  I'll go to bed soon, and perhaps the horses will ride around in my dreams.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Somebody will e-mail me to tell me the name of this plant.  Obviously it is at the end of its season.  When it is in full bloom in San Diego, it seems to be everywhere. I thought it was some kind of lily, but that may be wrong.  I went on-line and looked at several nursery sites, and I found a picture of the plant at Armstrong Nursery in Mission Valley... I called the nursery and stumbled through an explanation of the plant to someone named Mary.  I told her a picture of the flower in bloom could be found on her Web site, but she was unable to come up with a name.  If someone out there who gets my BLOG knows the name, please let me know.

I'm using these pictures because they remind me that beauty and youth don't last.  I'm not saddened by the realization, but I am reminded that seed pods in the pictures are evidence that the plant will bloom again next year and the plants will be wonderful.  This plant is a good metaphor for life.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lantana...  I've wondered for a long time if Lantana is native to a South American jungle where I first recognized the beautiful little wild flower blooming on the forest floor.  I don't know the answer to the question, but I remember seeing the little flowers in the wilderness in Peru and in Brazil.  I'm guessing now, but I think Lantana is native to the Americas... perhaps it is native to tropical regions of the Americas.  The spectacular plants with flowers in all colors are probably hybrid varieties of the original plants that grow wild.    The colorful flower does well in the region of America where I live.  I'll ask around to see if I can learn where the Lantana plant originated.

I went out with my camera today to check on the progress being made toward the development of a new park in the community where I live.  The park has been in the development stage for several months.  It will undoubtedly be beautiful when it is finished. I can see progress when I pass by the edge of it.  I expect the little park to be a perfect addition to our community. When it is finished, I'll take pictures of it to include in a BLOG post.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Summertime..  I remember a time when I was 12 years old, and I went on a trip with my Father from Glenwood, Arkansas, where we lived, to Hope, Arkansas, which was known as the best place in the world to buy watermelons.  Oh, I know, Hope is also the birthplace of a person who became President of the United States, but He became governor of Arkansas and then President long after My Father and I went to Hope to get a load of watermelons.  We went in my Father's truck and we returned to Glenwood with a big load of watermelons, which were sold for what I assume was a good profit.  I was just a boy so I didn't know details.  I didn't even know how important details were.  My Father was a man in his mid-fifties.  He knew the importance of details. The next year my family would drive to California in a 1942 Chevy coupe to begin a new life.  I would begin the new life in the ninth grade at Live Oak High School.

I don't remember much about Hope, but I remember being with my Father.  The trip was good. That trip to Hope and then the trip from Glenwood to Live Oak, California, probably imprinted on me the importance of trips... of traveling.  I've been doing a lot of it during my lifetime. I realize now how important details are.  Traveling and doing the schooling and the jobs and having a family and having friends and having to be good enough at something that I would be trusted and hired to do important jobs at important places... all these things taught me the importance of details.  I'm not going to go into it now because I don't want to spoil my day or my readers' day, but something that is terribly wrong with the present administration in the White House is that it seems to be as ignorant as I was as a twelve year old child about the importance of details.

Oh, about the watermelon in the pictures.  Margaret bought it today at the grocery store... It came from Mexico.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

BLOGGING AGAIN:  And to begin, I'm starting with a picture of one of the gentlest, sweetest, most faithful creatures I've met in a long time.  Maggie belongs in a family I've known for a very long time.  The four others in the family who live in the house, well five if I count Lizzie, a lizard who lives in the house, are also gentle, sweet and faithful creatures, too.  I had the pleasure of house sitting with Maggie and Lizzie while the other members of the household were on a trip to Mexico.  I must also list six other members of the family when I count the other creatures who live at the address, but they live outside in a chicken coop. They are gentle, sweet and very much at ease with people, too.  I'm splitting the house-sitting duty with another person who would probably not choose to be thought of as gentle and sweet, but he is nevertheless probably as responsible as anyone else for the gentleness and sweetness of the household as the people who are enjoying Cancun this week.

The horse... has nothing at all to do with the family in Cancun, but I took the picture this afternoon of the lower portion of a scroll that I got in Singapore a long time ago.  I think it was done somewhere in China.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

RECONSIDERING  After a six week break, my BLOG publishing on the Internet is going to resume, but I’ve decided to change a couple of practices.  For years I have published and sent to several hundred e-mail addresses the BLOG which has consisted of photographs and written ramblings. It is called “The Way I See It.”

The Changes:

I will continue to send the daily BLOG to the addresses of people who send me a simple request to be included in the daily mailing.  

The daily BLOG will continue to include at least one photograph and sometimes as many as six pictures.

If you do not wish to receive the daily e-mailed BLOG but would like to open it on your own time, you may go on the Internet to

If you wish to stay on the mailing list, send a note to
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Friday, June 16, 2017

Back home in Paradise Village:  the palm trees outside the building where Margaret and I live are fresh and very much alive.  It's interesting to speculate about how the very first palm tree grew.  How many millions of years ago, I wonder, was the very first palm tree born? Evolution is an interesting phenomenon.  Everything alive, including Nancy's cat and the Davids' dogs, and you and all of the people alive on earth today... all of us and everything fit somehow into the evolutionary scheme.  I believe it.  Of course, I don't know what to do with the myths of the holy books... how to fit the stories of the beginnings of things into those classic, mythological accounts of beginnings.

Oh, I'd better say something about why there were no pictures and no accounts of days for the past week.  I had a little procedure done at the hospital... everything went well... Now I am back home again after three days in hospital.  Nothing to worry about.  I had some good thinking and reading time.  It was glad to come back to Paradise Village yesterday.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

On my walk around Paradise Village this morning with Jim Fudge, I couldn't resist taking another picture of the small lily.  Just as I was getting ready to take the picture, an ant darted onto the surface of a petal, and I solved the problem of seeming always to take the same pictures of the same flowers day after day.  I don't remember ever taking a picture of an ant...  The Lily just happened the time to be included.

I had been watching the Senate session in which the Ex-director of the CIA explains what the President before he fired him.  I was glad to hear James B. Comey say President What's His Name lied when he denied asking the FBI director to stop the investigation of Mike Flynn. I especially admired the courage of Jim Comey when the President asked for his loyalty.  'The President said, "I need loyalty, I expect loyalty."  I didn't move, speak, or change my facial expression in any way during the awkward silence that followed.  We simply looked at each other in silence.'

Resisting the impulse to rage in writing here is one of the hardest things I have done in a long time.  Resisting the impulse is easier when I watch Jim Comey explain calmly why the President's expectations and actions have been wrong.  I keep wondering how much longer the citizens of our country can put up with the misbehaviors of this president... and then I remember the Nixon years and the misbehaviors of that president... and I remember the resilience of my country and how we got through those bad years with a better understanding of our country and of its leaders.  I had thought we would't see times like those again, but here they are.  We will recover again.

My advice to those who feel like raging is to hold fast to the exhilarating feeling of freedom that comes to us when the weaknesses of our Democracy are laid open for the world to see, and we know the bad times will end and order will be restored.  Perhaps this man who is president will resign. Although I hope it doesn't happen, perhaps he will manage to hang on to the office for four years; but whatever happens, the country will not only survive but will become stronger.  We have a good example of what not to do, and we aren't likely to forget the lessons we are learning.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Today is Irene's Birthday.  At dinner last night the waiting staff sang Happy Birthday.  Lovely evening last night.  Ruth made a peach pie for Irene's Birthday.  She and Margaret decided how to cut it.  Today I found succulent's so beautiful that I was reminded of Irene.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

I went out for the walk around Paradise Village with my friend Jim Fudge this morning, and the flowers are beautiful here.  I don't know what this flower is, but the flower, except for the size and the color,  is very much like the orange Bird of Paradise that blooms all over this place... so I'm guessing this is also a Bird of Paradise.  It is spectacular and beautiful.  The smaller flower is a lily of some kind... beautiful, too.

Monday, June 05, 2017

A Mistake Turned Into Something That I Couldn't Throw Away... Life is sometimes like that.