Sunday, October 22, 2017

Margaret and I went to Los Angeles with David today.  We went specifically to see the Marc Chagall special exhibition with a bunch of other people from the San Diego Museum of Art...on a Docent Trip.  Margaret and David stood outside the Museum's collection of light posts for the picture above.  The light posts are real, and all of them stood once somewhere in the Los Angeles area to lighten and brighten the night.

Later this week, I will send on my BLOG several photographs from the Chagall show, but today, I will send pictures of a work of art that moved me more than anything else I saw today or, for that matter, anything I have seen or heard in a long time.  Chagall can wait.

A Poem by Mark Bradford is perhaps the biggest painting I have ever seen.  The story behind the painting is told in a museum explanation on the wall beside the painting.  The painting covers an entire wall.  You can see David standing beside the wall.  Read Bradford's reason for doing the painting below.

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