Monday, October 16, 2017

Today Margaret and I went with a group of Paradise Village people up to Julian.  It was a hot day... perhaps the last of the hot days before a cooling trend in the weather that is expected next week.  This is October, and October is the month of fires on the West Coast.  San Diego County had its bad fire time a few years ago, so we Southern Californians know how to commiserate with the Northern California people who have had one hell of a time this year.

Well, enough about the weather. Let's talk for a minute about President Trump and his goals for America. I can't think of anything to say about the man that I haven't already said, so I'll keep quiet and let people in his own party, people like John McLean, explain to their party some of the things that are wrong with the way the Trump presidency is developing.  Enough... Enough...

Although we don't have brilliant tree colors yet, and it isn't likely that we will find anything in our area to match the colors of autumn in some other parts of the world. What we do have are a whole bunch of trees slowly turning light green... then we turn our eyes down to a tree that does everything an autumn tree is supposed to do.  Just beyond the scrabble of dried weeds and flowers, a great yellow tree gives light to a bend in the road... and right beside the yellow beauty is another tree that isn't ashamed to proclaim autumn.  Life is good.

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