Friday, August 04, 2017

Yesterday when I was on the hospital grounds behind Paradise Village, I got a look at the outside of our apartment that I hadn't been able to get from anywhere else.  The buildings at Paradise Village are named for trees, and the building, our building, on the right is named "Willows."  You'd think living in such a building would be too much like living in a hotel, but it isn't.  The hallways inside are thought of, at least by me, as streets.  Our apartment is the top one, second from the right in the picture above. The balcony is just big enough to accommodate sitting with coffee in the cool of the morning.  The window that looks out on the balcony is the one I see the world from in my office. My office, where I am typing this BLOG entry is really a second bedroom, but we have more need of an office so it's not a bedroom for us.   The window to the right of the balcony is the living room and kitchen.  The other window is the bedroom.

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