Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tommy came for a visit this afternoon... with Son David.  Both these guys are good company.  David fixed some things while Tommy and I relaxed.  My iPhone is now talking with my Apple Watch.  When you call, I can now feel the call with my wrist.  I tried to explain the whole thing to Tommy, but he wasn't interested in anything except having his head stroked.

I tried to interest him in the drama taking place at the white House, but he definitely was not interested in hearing about the President's troubles. I tried to explain about impeachment, and that got him interested for a minute, but like some of the people who still think there is hope for the President, he definitely thinks the problems will all pass over.  I tried to explain that he is wrong, and that the man won't last in the job.  He yawned a lot, and brought his head closer for more stroking.

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