Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Today was a very good day.  Margaret and I came back from a couple of weeks in Florida, and my computer and phone troubles are easier to solve at home, but the thing that made this a very good day is that I found in the stack of mail that came while we were away a letter from my nephew, Jonathan Cutrone, who sent someone across the country in a letter... someone he had met in a book... someone who went with me through the day and will go with me through other days.  That someone is Flat Stanley.  The book is Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. So here's my story with Flat Stanley.  I worked on my computer with the help of Flat Stanley... we fixed it.

After the computer was fixed, I decided to show Flat Stanley around the place where I live.  Of course, I wanted to show him my favorite view from the living room.  I took the picture of Flat Stanley at the window where I stand to look over Paradise Valley that stretches all the way out to the Pacific Ocean.  I got the feeling that Flat Stanley likes the place as much as I do, so I think he will be around to enjoy it for a long time.

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