Monday, April 03, 2017

WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET…  Richard Deacon’s exhibition at the San Diego Museum of Art is a collection of objects made by the artist and what he calls it is “What You See Is What You Get.”  I like the title of the whole show so much because it seems to fit life, especially in old age.  The exhibition is part of what Margaret and her friends saw on David’s docent tour, so it’s what I saw, too. I looked back over some of the photographs I got on Saturday, and decided the objects Deacon includes in his show are to too good to pass by without saying something about them.

Deacon is described as a “world-renowned British artist” and perhaps I should be embarrassed to say that I didn't remember having come across his name before the SDMA notice was mailed to us describing him.  Many of his pieces are made of laminated wood which he has bent and twisted into unusual shapes.  I particularly like the big piece called Like a Bird. I’ve included the piece here with a group of people including Margaret and her friends here with David.

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