Thursday, April 06, 2017

Some days here at Paradise Village make the world seem to be a place for Older people, and because San Diego Academy is next door the voices of children and the presence of children in our neighborhood make the world seem to be filled with all ages and all genders and all races and... and ...and basically to be what I have always experienced it to be...  This is who we are.  

Today some of us "older" folks were invited to attend a special program next door.  Dan Cohen, a local Channel 8 newscaster, came to the school to hear second graders read from a book they had made.  The class was celebrating Author's Day, and all of the members of the class were authors.  What a good day it was!  What a good world this one can be!  Let's see if we can get the word back to the folks in Washington.  We must secure a good future for these seven year old kids.

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