Tuesday, April 18, 2017

In the place where I live, Paradise Village, there are many walls, and many of those walls are hanging places for paintings.  It's like a museum.  Most of the paintings are oil, and some are clearly prints of famous paintings... some paintings have signatures, and I can't tell if the signatures are the signings of the paintings by original painters or are they copies signed by the copier?  It is possible that some of the paintings were left to the retirement organization by persons who lived here but who had no relatives to take them when the resident died? It's a mystery, one that I shall try to solve by asking questions of the people who should know. Whatever the facts are about these paintings, I must say I like them. The two paintings today are wonderful, whether or not they are copies of original works.  The one above is not signed.  The one below is by an artist whose name is Durant. I found several painters with that name by checking the Internet, and I do know the work of Asher B. Durand, the Hudson River School painter.  This still life is clearly not his, but it is worth looking at closely...

I'll take beauty where I can find it... and hope I'm not breaking copyright laws.

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