Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Clyde Yoshida is a teacher, an artist, a soap maker, and a farmer.  He is better than good at all of these things he does.  After coffee this morning I dropped him off at his house (I was going to say farm but changed my mind) where he gave me permission to take pictures of his crop of pineapples and his newly planted strawberries. Now don't get me wrong when I say Clyde is a pot gardener.  The stuff of his garden you don't smoke.  His Pineapples and Blue Berries and his newly planted Straw Berries are grown in pots.  His pineapples are at least two generations down the line from pineapples he and Dave ate sometime long ago.  Clyde was born in hawaii which may account for his gardening skills and farming instincts. Somebody at the nursery sold him on the strawberries by telling him that the ripe berries (called Bubble Berries) taste like bubble gum. I picked and ate one of his blue berries this morning.  I'll come back for a Bubble Berry when the time is right.

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