Sunday, July 16, 2017

Somebody will e-mail me to tell me the name of this plant.  Obviously it is at the end of its season.  When it is in full bloom in San Diego, it seems to be everywhere. I thought it was some kind of lily, but that may be wrong.  I went on-line and looked at several nursery sites, and I found a picture of the plant at Armstrong Nursery in Mission Valley... I called the nursery and stumbled through an explanation of the plant to someone named Mary.  I told her a picture of the flower in bloom could be found on her Web site, but she was unable to come up with a name.  If someone out there who gets my BLOG knows the name, please let me know.

I'm using these pictures because they remind me that beauty and youth don't last.  I'm not saddened by the realization, but I am reminded that seed pods in the pictures are evidence that the plant will bloom again next year and the plants will be wonderful.  This plant is a good metaphor for life.

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