Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lantana...  I've wondered for a long time if Lantana is native to a South American jungle where I first recognized the beautiful little wild flower blooming on the forest floor.  I don't know the answer to the question, but I remember seeing the little flowers in the wilderness in Peru and in Brazil.  I'm guessing now, but I think Lantana is native to the Americas... perhaps it is native to tropical regions of the Americas.  The spectacular plants with flowers in all colors are probably hybrid varieties of the original plants that grow wild.    The colorful flower does well in the region of America where I live.  I'll ask around to see if I can learn where the Lantana plant originated.

I went out with my camera today to check on the progress being made toward the development of a new park in the community where I live.  The park has been in the development stage for several months.  It will undoubtedly be beautiful when it is finished. I can see progress when I pass by the edge of it.  I expect the little park to be a perfect addition to our community. When it is finished, I'll take pictures of it to include in a BLOG post.

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