Thursday, April 20, 2017

Today is Thursday, my volunteer day at the Museum of Photographic Arts... when I came out of the museum in mid-afternoon things were quiet.  I was tempted to go over to see what the guy with the sign with the word "FUNNY" was selling, but decided that I didn't really want to know if he was willing to tell a funny story, or if he had humorous pictures... he had no customers while I watched. Now I wish I had gone over to ask what he was offering.

I rode my bike back across the Laurel Street Bridge and stopped to wonder again who the people are who come to the park to do lawn bowling.  Near the lawn bowling area several flowering trees are in full bloom.  I don't know the names of the trees.

The Park is catching some of the overflow of homeless people from downtown.  The homeless situation in San Diego is becoming a crisis.  In the Southeast corner of the city near the new library there are dozens of tents and other make-shift dwellings that are home to hundreds of people. The population of unsheltered people in San Diego is officially up 25.8 percent since last year according to a count that was done in January.  Counters found 833 unsheltered people in the downtown area. San Diego County has just over half of 8,742 homeless people in shelters. San Diego.  San Diego's homeless population climbs to fourth highest in the U.S.

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